Monday, January 17, 2011

Chicken Marsala

Olive Garden version revised by Seasoned With Love

I love love love this recipe! I can truly say that this recipe is so easy to make and so good! I originally got the recipe off Olive Garden’s web site; you can get the original recipe HERE. I just tweaked it a little and simplified it a bit. This helps especially if you cook in large quantity (that way you have leftovers). We love leftovers in my house so I always double the recipe. The original recipe calls for 4 chicken breast pounded between 2 plastic wrap to about ¼" thickness. I substituted that for frozen chicken tenders, and cut them in chunks (that way there is no pounding) and you can make more for leftovers. I hope you will like this recipe! Happy cooking!
~ Magda

8-10 strips of chicken tenders (frozen)
½ cup flour
2 cups cooking marsala wine
4 cups mushrooms sliced
8 Tbs. butter (non-sweet)
salt, pepper for taste
dried oregano for taste

1. Cut the chicken into chunks, if they are frozen, defrost in microwave or in refrigerator.

2.  Season chicken with salt, pepper and dried oregano.

3. Place flour into a bowl, add the seasoned chicken to the bowl and coat the chicken in flour.

4. Heat a few Tbs. of oil in a big frying skillet, shake off any excess flour of chicken and place in hot skillet to fry. Fry all sides of chicken until golden brown.

5. Add butter to skillet, then add mushrooms, continue to cook chicken and mushrooms until mushrooms become tender.

6. Add marsala wine, cover and simmer 15 minutes longer. As the sauce sits, it will thicken, if it’s too runny; add a teaspoon or two more of flour.

7. Place on top of some creamy mash potato, Enjoy!


  1. Wow! this looks so good... and I just love your simplified version of using frozen chicken. What a great idea! Even love your tip about doubling it for leftovers. Great!
    Btw, you are doing a fabulous job with the teh step by step photos.

  2. Ellie~
    Thank you! I learned from the best! ;) You inspired me to want to share with the world my love for cooking and my favorite recipes I enjoy making! So thank you and God bless!

  3. This looks so good! I think you will be my new cookbook for awhile! keep up the oooking and the great work : ) I love how your making these so easy to follow.

  4. Wow, yummy! We love chicken marsala!
    You asked me about the peaches cookies, and how they turn out so round. Since I completely follow the recipe for them, I can't figure out why they would be nice halves for you. Maybe you just need to add a few more tbsp of flour, depends where you live---baking is funny in that contest. Humidity in the air, room temperature, all that makes a difference.
    So, try adding a little more flour, tbs by tbs, until you feel you can form little balls with it. The dough needs to be workable, not to soft, not to hard, and make them no bigger than a walnut, that could be the reason too, if you make it bigger, it will be more flat and less of a halve. Don't overbake, they need to stay quite white, when they start browning at the bottom edge, they are done.
    I really hope it will work for you next time, they are just great cookies. Recipe never failed for me. Thank you for your kind comment, and happy baking! Cheers!

  5. Staci-
    Thank you, I have been so busy latly with Ethan's birthday, and I havn't had a chance to poste any new things. But I do have a few recipes coming soon! :D

  6. MELITA-
    I’m not much of a baker, despite my sweet tooth. My batter definitely came out sticky, like glue. It was not workable and I was not able to form balls. Like I said...they had a wonderful taste and we still ate them. Next time I wil add more flour. I looked up the conversions on line; it gave me 2 cups for 500 g. 2 cups is obviously not enough :) So I will definitely try with more flour. Thank you so much...I appreciate the tips and this wonderful recipe! :D